About two-thirds of the legislation that directly or indirectly impact the economic activity of millions of citizens and companies is decided by the European Institutions: the Commission, the European Parliament and the Council. Knowing how they work and participating in their decision-making process is the best way for companies to anticipate and prepare for the legislative changes and to find financing and new business opportunities.

To have a presence in Brussels is, above all, to establish an excellent network in order to interact with the EU Institutions, to monitor the developments of the important political and legislative initiatives and to contribute to solutions that are better and more suited to reality. It also means being recognised as an important stakeholder who knows what is being discussed and has a contribution to make in the right moment, making the most of opportunities.

At Eupportunity we offer a permanent and personalised link between our clients and the European Institutions and stakeholders in Brussels.

Being useful, being credible and being opportune. We know Brussels

Monitoring and anticipation
Tracking political and legislative developments that are important to our clients;

Detailed knowledge of programmes and funds;

Identification of possible partners and adversaries;

Mapping of opportunities.
Strategic thinking
Definition of ambitious but realistic goals; Holistic approach;

Coordination, cooperation and alignment with internal and external priorities;

Definition of advocacy and profile raising strategies;
Learn, understand and know more

Impact analyses;

Political risk analysis;

Country reports; Benchmarking.
Action plans result-oriented;

Building up partnerships and consortiums;

Dedicated follow-up;

Action Triangle

The European decision-making process in practice:

When the European institutions put a topic on the agenda it becomes policy guidance and potential legislation, with all the benefits and risks that this entails.

The Action Triangle evaluates the impact of the initiatives being prepared, the positions of the various stakeholders, and studies the most interesting alternatives, making it possible to act at key moments.

This methodology ensures a strong, specialised positioning in the various phases of the political and legislative procedure.

It is not enough to be in Brussels to be heard: one must be well informed, well placed and well represented.