Advocacy & Public Affairs

The European Union is the source of about two-thirds of the legislation that directly and indirectly impacts the economic activity in Member States. This is why companies and other entities need to know in a timely way what is being prepared and discussed in Brussels.


Being present Brussels is, above all, to establish an excellent network to interact and cooperate with the EU Institutions, to monitor the political and legislative developments in the various areas and to help shaping policies and law. It also means being recognised as an important stakeholder who knows what is being discussed and has a useful contribution to make at the right moment. 


The representation of our clients before the European institutions involves a broad set of activities: 

  • Monitoring and reporting of relevant political and legislative initiatives;
  • Risk analysis and political and strategic counselling in the definition of medium and long-term goals;
  • Design of public affairs strategies, autonomously or in combination with entities having similar interests;
  • Relations with the Permanent Representations of the Member States in Brussels (PermReps), with the Council, with the European Parliament and with the European Commission;
  • Follow-up of discussions in the relevant forums and  benchmarking with similar entities with a good presence in Brussels;
  • Preparation of briefings and meetings with political decision-makers and stakeholders, whenever a focused action is needed;
  • Preparing and attending meetings in Brussels with the client (or in behalf of the client);
  • Organisation of profile-raising actions.